Nation Divided: A Prayer

Lord, we are broken. Our people have forsaken one another in bitterness. Unity has been lost. In it’s place, division. Our people take lives, uproot relationships, and destroy cities.

Hatred has deposited itself into so many hearts. We divide ourselves among race, social status, politics, and so many other categories. But the truth is, You don’t take those things into account when You look at us. The color of our skin, the amount of wealth we posess, our political beliefs… none of those change Your love for us. Your eyes see Your beautiful children– Your masterpieces.

Lord, we have divided ourselves among earthly standards. How broken we are! If only we would see our neighbor the way You see us– beautiful, beloved, chosen, children of the Lord.

Cleanse our eyes of our blindness, our hearts of our bitterness, and our minds of hatred, Lord. Unite us to live for You and Your glory, rather than our own opinions and agendas.

This warfare against our own brothers is devastating. Strengthen us to withstand the fiery darts and schemes that Satan so desperately tries to divide us with. May we stand together in harmony. Help us to love each other as You love us.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thursday is my usual posting day, but I have not been able to stop thinking about the situation that we are facing today. Why do we divide ourselves? Everybody’s life matters because each and every one of us serve a purpose that is lived out uniquely. God loves us all. May we learn to see others the way He sees us.

May love win.


Published by KennedyGrant

Following God, listening to His truth, and sharing words with others.

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